Bad Quaker

Liberty is the Mission.

Ben Stone announced his retirement from all public forums, except the occasional writing under an anonymous pseudonym. Bad Quaker

I can’t really remember how I found the Bad Quaker podcast,most likely listening to one of the other libertarian/anarchist podcasts,and heard him speaking, or Ben’s name being mentioned. That’s how it starts, you get a very small dose of libertarianism and the principles of it’s philosophy. Then… from there you want to find more from different perspectives hoping someone will disprove these “crazy” theories. The more I found, and dug deeper into the philosophy and read the arguments, the more I questioned everything I’d been taught.

Libertarians are some of the more knowledgeable pursuers of philosophy,history,and economics; of truth, freedom, and  liberty. Ben Stone was one of them, whether it was talking about Ludwig von Mises on praxeology, or Murray Rothbard on the stripped innards and grotesque lies of  the state and it’s history, Ben conveyed the message with his own voice; a calm and convicted resonance carrying the appeal to find the individual mind.

There are many of the liberty movement that have influenced my path to realizing the state is the antithesis of freedom, Ben was one of the first.


“This philosophy drives my life. When I close my eyes the last time, I will do so satisfied in this truth.”                                                                                          -Ben Stone