The Libertarian Party…so much for parties, I’ll keep libertarianism and principles.

The 2016 election cycle has been one gigantic spectacle of candidates trying to convince the “voters” to ignore their illegal and just plain despicable actions in the never-ending power grab over the people they rule. David Copperfield doesn’t have a magical illusion in his repertoire as good as the ruse government has over the voting populace.

I became a big (L) libertarian after finally realizing nobody was going to save me from my situation in life(that’s another story), especially not the politicians or any of their policies that claim to help cure society of many of it’s social or economic conditions. After doing some serious research, through various sites and podcasts,I learned what libertarian principles were and how they’re applied to the individual and society. Most people who dig and look hard enough, dig even deeper and try to rationalize and understand the principles of libertarianism. The process of intellectually grasping and unlearning something you’ve been taught your whole life is a fiction can be hard, and the process of learning the thought processes of the NAP, property rights and individual rights can be difficult as well.

Once I had started that process, I wanted to find people who shared similar thoughts and experiences, so I found a local LP meeting, about four years ago. I have voted twice before, in 1994 and 2012, I really have never felt it was my civic duty or some great “privilege” because this is the greatest nation on Earth. But with the LP, I really believed it would be different with a third party, and being the party of principle compared to the Democrats and Republicans.

Finally! People who thought as I did; believed the same principles I did; read the same books(Rand,Rothbard,etc.)I did; it just felt comfortable, and I tried to recruit and tell as many people I could about the LP, the monthly meetings, and
the message. By the second year, I realized they weren’t any different than the Democrats or Republicans, as a matter of fact, most of the people that attended were former Republicans who just jumped to Libertarian Party, but still had strong Republican views. Some even had shall we say Socialist views. For example, One night we were talking about the ACA, and I stated, “Aren’t we, as libertarian thought goes, supposed to be for charity and free-markets?” The response was, “I’d like to see how the German government does their single-payer system”. “It seems to work pretty well”. Huh! This was not the only person who thought that way of compromising the libertarian principles to “get in the game”. However, that one was a huge surprise, and there were many more similar comments that violated the NAP, and individual rights, etc. Those were my first clues that these were just Republicans and even Democrats who had migrated to another party.

In 2012, my other clues were the elections, and I never got the point of the LP’s just running for county and state seats that: a)They had absolutely no prior experience, if you’re going to run for sheriff,you might want to have a law degree and/or policing experience. b) Putting no effort into a campaign other than filing paperwork. c) Running numerous times for office with no chance of winning or following core libertarian principles,even if they did win. The party also had a habit that I noticed; of supporting a hot topic issue; and then forgetting about it once it lost it’s appeal or elections had finished. Eventually, meetings just became an unorganized chore where I realized that instead of sitting around for 1-2 hours, I could go and talk to people on my own and do more direct charity on my own that are more effective than pushing a button.

I’m more pissed at myself than anything, I got comfortable with the LP and started buying into the mantra of many in the LP and many of the other celebritarians who compromise the message with bromides such as, “baby steps”, or “change it from the inside” are used to mollify the message of libertarianism to win over those who can’t handle or are afraid of expressing the true core principles. The LP wants power just like any other political group, and as Acton said, power corrupts; and the LP isn’t immune, John Moore responds to LNC.

“Anarchists are simply Jeffersonian democrats till the last consequences and without fear of it.”
-Benjamin Tucker


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